Numerology Reading


Numerology Reading



        6 reasons why Numerology is important to our lives.

  1. Rectifies Your Planetary Defects - Numerology numbers are astronomical and they are associated with the 9 planets of the Universe. So, when there is a planetary defect in your birth chart, Numerology readings and remedies can rectify the same.
  2. Short Term Analysis – Assessing your birth chart will predict only the long term events; but, numerology predictions can spot out even the short term events of your life. This will help you in making major decisions like buying property, job change, overseas opportunities and much more.
  3. Works on Your Karma – The Numerology numbers are empowered to reduce your Karmic effects thereby altering your destiny! This will bring about happiness in your life.
  4. Identifies Weak Zones – On having a Numerology consultation, you will come to know the areas of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this, the expert will advise the numerological ways through which you can overcomes such pitfalls in life.
  5. Better Understanding of the Self – Numerology readings are formed based on an individual’s psychic numbers. This will give a clear insight about your personality, attitude, preferences and behavioral patterns. On knowing these, you will gain a better understanding about your personality.
  • You can create success in your life by determining dates that will empower you and your outcomes, such as choosing a date for a wedding, launching a business, or even establish numbers in your everyday world that will help greatly improveyour life. This will give you more control over the events that are inside each of our destinies.


Session is 50 minutes

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