Astrology Reading and Birth Charts

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Astrology Reading and Birth Charts

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Why astrology works may be a mystery, but it does work, and it is a gift that we can use it to help ourselves grow as we travel life’s cyclic paths. Astrology also provides us with the insights as to who we are and why the people we know are as they are. This creates a space for understanding, peace, and freedom of choice in the matters that mean the most to us. In life, we also meet the same challenges time and again not in an effort to overcome them but to face them with appreciation, beauty, strength, and courage. We meet the same people or the same kinds of people over and over again to learn how to accept our chosen destiny. We are not bad or even good, but we are part of Mother Nature, so we are both the storm and the silence after a storm. We are the strike, and we are the fire that remains afterwards to burn slowly and make our lives fertile for new growth. We are both the hunter and the hunted, the mother and the child, the lover and the spurned. 

50 minute astrological session is included and is available in person, Skype, FaceTime, phone.

Chart is emailed to you for mobile sessions. Chart is provided for you for in- person session.

Comprehensive Compatibility Chart For Two!

Great for any relationship:

* Romantic


* Friendships

* Family


Or any important person in your life!


Understanding the dynamics in a relationship will help you:

* Improve communications

* Create more understanding

* Allow acceptance

* And cause your bond to grow much stronger!

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