5 Top Reasons NOT To Transform Your Life!!

5 Top Reasons NOT To Transform Your Life!!


1. Change is hard AND it’s unfamiliar and if it’s unfamiliar it’s scary! Arrrgh!

2. If you stay with what you know you can expect the same results every time, therefore less room for disappointment.

3. What will others think? Egad!

4. Do something differently when I can do it the same and be on autopilot? Please don’t wake me, I’m only sleeping….(light wafts of The Beatles song, “I’m Only Sleeping” plays softly in the background)…..zzzzzz.

5. Excitement and exhilaration are a form of stress and I am trying to cut down on stress, Thainkkk Youuu.

Many of these concocted reasons are just that – false beliefs that need to be disconnected from our lives. They are simply not true (although they’d like you to think they are).

Now you may be thinking: but how? That was my question about 15 years ago when I started embarking on a long and very curious journey as to how to access the life that only seemed to live in my dreams. What I then created was an airtight system that is not only simple but it’s fun, easy and fast! Now that we’ve visited your world, take a peek at how the others are living and see what you are missing!


5 Top Reasons TO Transform Your Life!!

1. It’s my birthright to live exactly as I truly desire: fully, peacefully, fearlessly, contently, in love, excitedly, happily, abundantly, thoroughly, expressively, completely and dynamically because I’ll have plenty of time to recoil from life and never have to answer to it when I’m dead!

2. I am here to create and experience. That is what I do, that is all I can do so I want to be creating my experiences exactly as ideal as possible! Living to fulfill on my utmost potential (which is limitless, by the way!)

3. Suffering, pain, sadness, confusion, heartache, disappointment, dis-ease, upset, unrest, depression is NOT my true self nor my authentic comfort zone.

4. Actually, I DO deserve unconditional love and to make a difference in the world! That’s what I was put here to do (amongst many other colorful, frolicking things ;))

5. Because I can, I should, I want to and I will! Contrary to popular belief, I’ve got the power! (Ahem, If you can just show me the way….)


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