5 Ways To Get The Man of Your DREAMS Out of Your Dreams And Into Your LIFE!

As a professional life coach and author of the system and booklet, The Art of Manifestation, I guide people who seek extraordinary relationships in life. Why spend time in relationships that have reached their limit, aren’t productive, stunt your growth or are just plain toxic? There are reasons for these disruptive aspects of relationships and, fortunately, we are the source of the outcomes in these relationships. This means, of course, that we can control what we create.


Want the man of your dreams?

Follow these five simple steps and he’ll step right into your life!

1. Be clear about what you want. It’s not enough to say that you want to “be happy in a relationship.” When you’re vague, you actually open the door to some pretty unsatisfying results. Clarify exactly what kind of person you desire. How are you and your prospective other half similar and different? What do you have in common? How can that person enrich your life? How do you enrich his life? Think about what is really important to you in a relationship and what is not so important. Visualize the man you want with those specifics in mind. Also, don’t create unrequited love.

2. Clarify who YOU are for them – like the woman of their dreams! Communicate. Communication is key! In our modern times, communication has been reduced to a few confusing symbols and letters strewn about in the body of our text messages. Texting and emails are no way to truly convey important and foundation forming communications, especially in the early era of a relationship.

3. Learning the art of communication will serve you in all of your relationships and, after all, aren’t our relationships what it’s all about in life? Be genuine, clear, calm, and positive when engaging your listener by involving their world into the mix of your interests, needs and wants. Listen. People only want two fundamental things in life: 1.)To make a difference in the world and 2.) to be accepted and loved unconditionally. Truly listening to another person will help him feel accepted and understood – essentially valued –by his contribution to your life. Quiet your mental chatter, focus and participate by asking questions about what your speaker is saying. Listening can make all of the difference in the world! Take this on and watch your charisma grow and your world transform!

4. Be the person who you want. Demonstrating the qualities of the person you want to be with is a great way to work with the Law of Attraction. We want to be with someone who is open-minded, healthy, fun, positive and up-beat, right? Look to see if you express these traits. If so, you’ll attract like-minded people of all kinds from all four corners of the map! Practice patience and be unattached to results. Infinite patience doesn’t mean you won’t get results until the end of eternity, it just allows you to practice patience so that you are able to allow the one to show up.

5. Play full out; engage in life without placing expectations on the results. You’ll always be satisfied and may even discover something else sweet about what life has to offer other than your future sweet-y. Keep these practices up and your inner world will shift, leaving you to discover an outer world that is in alignment with ideal living. And when that happens, the man of your dreams may become a living reality sooner than you think. As Buddha said, “All we are is a result of our thoughts.” It may take some effort in the beginning before it becomes second nature, but it is oh so worth it.