March's Featured Testimonial - 2014


I'm so impressed & grateful for the guidance that Sterling gave me! She is the real deal & I wish I could just yell from the mountain tops the truth she shares.

Through AOM I did extremely healthy learning about myself on a deep level & I find myself forgiving & releasing every day. I feel ultimate peace even when presented with chaotic situations. But I know people want to know about the magic, which I have experienced! Once I began, magic & miracles began to manifest IMMENSELY - from free groceries, to UNBELIEVABLE phone calls about new opportunities, to career changing & life changing emails, recognition, to more love, more abundance, & a supreme gratefulness!!!

The opportunities have been POURING in. A new found confidence & happiness has presented itself in what are high pressure situations. I am also feeling healthy, & fit & beautiful. I like myself more than ever & I love my relationship with the universe. Thank you Sterling, life coach, life changer, life friend!

Sofia G.

My Life Is Ideal Now!!