Someday, I Will

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Written by Sterling Mire


Passionate happiness can be yours today instead of a concept that someday you will experience it.


We all know the past is the past and all we really have is now and hopefully, the future. But, where is the future? Do you know? There is a misconception that the future is located out there, distinguishable on a calendar. A calendar is really a man-made supposition. It supposedly exists somewhere other than now. Yet, the truth is, there is no future, there is only now. The closest thing we can get to discern the future’s location is in each passing moment – that is where the future is. So, really the future resides where the present moment left off. Can it be determined, then, that now is the future? Safe to say, yes, it is!


Time is our most precious commodity. Fortunately, we all have it, at the moment; yet, will we have it next year? Modern life’s minutia has a way of imposing itself upon us, utilizing the limited minutes we have in a day. However, was that the intention of our lives? To get distracted, sidetracked by working, cleaning, paying bills and basically “staying busy” with the details of life? Perhaps it’s time to re-examine our priorities.


What do you think your purpose in life is? What is it that expresses your passion? What is it that you yearn to experience? If life is a result of what we create and the experience of our creations then it is appropriate to surmise that it is completely up to us to be responsible for how our lives unfold. Some of us choose to get stopped by our excuses and although we can all come up with excuses we can also choose to not be stopped by them. Do we have the tools, the skills to overcome the challenges or excuses we face? It may be that we require assistance or support as we learn how to “get out of our own way”. People who live extraordinary lives, the ones who fulfill on their dreams and visions, are often aided by a mentor, a teacher, a coach or a support group. You may not be aware of these “aides”, but they are there working with these people behinds the scenes. Isn’t your life worth it? Isn’t living a fulfilling and satisfying life worth the time and effort that you may be squandering elsewhere by utilizing the same energy worrying, suffering, feeling depressed, anxious and overall dissatisfied?


Consider you were intentionally meant to read this article. That there is a message for you to receive right here, right now, providing the missing element to access the life you were born to live.