August's Featured Testimonial - 2013


I went to Sterling for The Art of Manifestation system - it's life changing! In one 2 hour session she broke down her technique for transforming my life, with lots of fun, personal asides. I was initially worried about the investment in coaching sessions, but she immediately put me at ease with her warm, generous nature, & went through a step by step guide. I felt completely energized & confident after this session, & started implementing it as soon as I got home. Its been 3 days & I'm already seeing movement & success in my life. My representation called me with new opportunities out of the blue! Best of all has been the complete 180 in my mindset, I feel calmer and happier with this new outlook on life and knowing things are in motion. I highly recommend Sterling for life coaching, tarot and the Art of Manifestation! 

Renee T.