October's Featured Testimonial - 2013


Sterling is heaven sent! I started seeing her back in April with a friend for a quick reading. Not only was she spot on EVERYTHING in the reading, so I kept going back!

Since then....

I've gone to repeated appointments that included:
1) Tarot readings
2) Birth Chart
3) Life Coach Sessions

Every session with Sterling is so special. She is extremely caring, free-spirted, and always remembers anything we had discussed from the past. She isn't someone who is out to steal your money or is a fake (hard to come by in her industry!). She offers so much more than just card readings and feel blessed to have found her. 

To elaborate:

1) Tarot Readings

-Addiction alert!-- 
Her readings have always been so spot on and I've always left feeling better about ANY upcoming or stressful situation that has been on my mind. I can't even begin to explain the creepy examples of her accuracy. She once predicted this guy I was seeing had some type of addiction, she said "sex addiction." So of course, later that day I asked the guy and kind of looked at me in this odd manner like "how the heck did she know that?!" and admitted to it. Before I had even contemplated quitting my job and moving out of state, she predicted that the first reading in April and now it is actually happening this month!!  Anyways.. I could rant on how spot on her readings ALWAYS are.

2) Birth Chart Analysis

My birth chart was fun and definitely gave an amazing in-sight view how or why I may react ways to situations and has helped me apply certain tendencies to everyday life. Not to mention, this was a fun session that will also creep everyone out once you see your birth chart unfold.


If you're feeling stuck in any area of life or have been reading about "The Secret" and want to make some serious changes... FAST..... THIS IS THE ANSWER FOR YOU.

Sterling has perfected the art of manifestation and blows "The Secret" out of the water. Once you implement her customized program, your life changes immediately. It's something you must experience yourself to really understand. My life went from complete chaos, to structured and organized bliss. Any dream you can imagine is right around the corner.. I quickly realized that anything in life is truly attainable. 

I've stop asking "when is this going to happen?"... and I just know that it will. Save your money by going to a therapist and try Sterling's Life Coaching methods first. Again, this is something you need to try for yourself to truly understand.

After my many life changing sessions with Sterling, I don't feel like I've wasted a penny. I've gained a life coach, friend, mentor and someone who will frequently check up on how I'm doing (always seems to be at the right times!). From her smile and energy.. to even to her advice.... you truly won't find a more genuine person to help you feel more grounded, have your questions answered and leave with a smile on your face.

Sara M.