Busting The Psychic Tarot Card Reader Myth!

Busting The Psychic Tarot Card Reader Myth!

Clients who come to me at Intuitive Life By Sterling for my tarot card services are often confused and bewildered about how the intuitive and tarot card process works. For a lot of people, it often conjures up images of a gypsy mystic gazing into a crystal ball and foreseeing a pre-determined good or bad future, accompanied by predictions, images of past, present and future relations, incidents and sometimes even detecting prevalent bad energy that needs removal. Most of this is misconstrued or simply fabricated and untrue.

What I do at Intuitive Life By Sterling, as well as what some other legitimate psychics do, is detect what clients unconsciously and consciously create or materialize in their lives by their own hand. No one can place a spell on us, nor can we place a spell on anyone else. All humans are here for two reasons: to create and experience our creations, as well as to experience others’ creations. What we choose to create is entirely up to us.

There is nothing inherently good or bad in the world, as such. All that was and is created equally is assigned a specific value or use. What we determine in our western modern world that is good or bad was largely created by leaders and we - the majority - agreed to label it “good” or “bad.” Now that may leave you thinking, “If there is no inherent good or bad, then how do I determine what I choose to create?” You create consciously or unconsciously by making choices that are aligned with what you want to experience in the world. There are, of course, consequences to our choices, as well. So, although there isn’t anything inherently “bad” about stealing because we, as a majority, agreed to make it an illegal act, you will probably end up in court and possibly jail - and that’s not all. You will also create the energy that attracts someone to steal from you, too. What you create is what you attract, as well. Is that what you want to experience?

I believe that all tarot card readings are essentially good because they indicate what’s being manifested in its infantile form and if we like where we are heading, we can sit back and enjoy the ride. If we don’t like what we are creating, then we can change our course of direction and get back on track, so we can reach our true, intended destination.

We’ve all heard of the stereotypical story of a psychic who is able to predict that in five years, a client will be married to Bill or Linda and have two children. What is really happening in this scenario, however, is that the psychic planted an idea into the client’s mind that was accepted, became an unconscious thought, and was eventually realized as a self-fulfilling prophecy. The client seeker actually adopted the idea and helped create it - into reality. In actuality, there is nothing necessarily wrong with this. The seeker probably liked the idea and thought, “Yes, it would be perfect timing for me to find someone in 5 years and marry and start a family” or they thought, “Well, if I have to wait for five years, that’s better than ten!”

With my background in psychology, astrology, life coaching, numerology – as well as my intuitive abilities – I help guide people where they desire to go and, importantly, uncover things they unconsciously create that may be out of alignment with what they ultimately want. This gives the controls back to my clients, so they can be responsible and act as the sole author of their lives with eyes wide open. Empowering my clients is the foundation of my work and is what I am committed to. Other legitimate psychics or intuitives provide some of these areas of expertise also.

The bottom line for finding a reputable psychic comes down to how you feel about the person who you consult with. Inquire about what you are looking for within the services that the psychic offers. All psychics have their own personal way of working. Some simply will call out things they perceive, others are great for clarifying information in your life and offering solid guidance. If possible, call and have a brief conversation to “feel” the psychic out. It is advisable to not let your pocketbook dictate to where you go. Often times this can lead to spending more money than you are comfortable with. Look for someone who is committed to assisting you, not the other way around. 

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