Where Does Success Live And How Can I Get It To Move In With Me?

Where Does Success Live And How Can I Get It To Move In With Me?


There are just two reasons why you haven't achieved the things you’d like to have or experience in life.

1. You’re blocked by something external

2. You won’t because of something internal


The Truth Is: almost everyone who succeeds, knows the answer is number #2 - the reason they have failed is because of themselves. Not because someone won’t let them, lack of funds, lack of intelligence, lack of resources, lack of weather – whatever. It is, without fail, their own fault. Always.

If this doesn’t sound accurate, consider the flipside: those who fail always assume it’s not their fault. With that attitude, your ego is forever letting itself off the hook. You can’t learn from your experiences, except maybe that you shouldn’t have even tried, because – well – that wild, wild world was just super-mean to you again.

Try listening to a lot of normal conversations: it’s just the ol’ ego making excuses, hiding out and blocking you from what truly inspires you and makes life worthwhile. “I’ve been here 6 years in the same job and they still haven’t promoted me!” “I know, me too! It’s so unfair…”

As Don Draper would say: I hate to break it to you, but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent. Whenever “it” or “they”, “he” or “she” is to blame, you’re just diverting the blame. Because the only thing that matters is what you can control: what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it?

There are always situations when you really can’t have something that you don’t control. Maybe you dream of being a championship triathlete, but you were born without legs. Well of course, but even that doesn’t have to stop you from achieving beyond your imagination! Why do we make excuses?


Making excuses can make us feel better.

Excuses are like painkillers for our self-respect. Surely they evolved with this purpose. For not everyone can succeed all the time, and if you can’t, it’s better that you don’t become too depressed about it. But the chances are the things that you want – that you want the most - are not fast cars, Angelina Jolie’s life or a giant catapult to the moon.

Most of us crave fundamentally simple things: love, respect, security, health, significance. These things don’t require that we’re born to wealthy parents, or with perfect genes. If you’re reading this, the chances are you have access to education, sanitation, medicine, freedom of speech, shelter and the sum of the world’s knowledge (The Google), and that you take them for granted. For over 150,000 years human life would have utterly sucked compared to now, and you’ve been born in the last 70 or so, in the blessed minority, when it doesn’t. You’re so lucky you can’t imagine. So where does the answer to the subject of attaining success lie?


The Problem (and solution) Lies Within YOU!

Whenever you hit a wall: find what you can do about it, do it, and forget anything else. All the other stuff just consumes your attention and accomplishes nothing. The solutions to all your problems are probably so obvious, you likely already know them. The trick is simply acknowledging it’s your responsibility alone to make it happen! Yes, Dorothy, It's that simple.