Solutions for New Year's Resolutions


As practicing spiritual life coach, I am often approached by clients who seek to fulfill important goals. Through my unique Art of Manifestation program, I am able to help them attain these goals when they create their wonderful New Year. Most of my clients wish to make lasting New Year’s resolutions stick. But how do they do it?

Right now, it's an exciting time to create New Year’s resolutions, right? Maybe yours include taking time to exercise, engaging socially with friends, attending meetup groups, eating healthier, saving money, taking a vacation, managing stress, taking an art class, helping others or simply taking more time out for you! It can also be a confronting time when we think about our past, unfulfilled New Year's resolutions. How do we keep these new resolutions from falling to the wayside? I've created an easy Top 10 Tips list for keeping your New Year's resolutions right on track!

1. Be sure it is something you can truly commit to.

Be honest with yourself. Is it something you truly want or does it just sound good on paper? Create resolutions that which inspires you the most at this time. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many commitments. Take on resolutions that light you up the most. Once those have come into being you can create more even before the year is up. It doesn't have to be a New Year to keep creating a new life for yourself.

2. Keep your focus

(Don’t go unconscious) (Start your day with) Morning visualizations will set you up for your day. Keep seeing yourself with the desired results and reaping the benefits of your New Year's resolutions. This will keep you on track and will have you connecting with the experience of doing it and experiencing the results.

3. Keep a daily diary.

Implement your New Year's Resolutions into your daily plans or weekly plans. Schedule it into your day and write about it at the end of the day. This keeps it present and alive for you and will help keep you on target.

4. Tell others

We want others to see our best side. We want to share stories of success, not failure. Telling others what you are up will keep you accountable to your word. So when someone asks you how your new workout routine is going you can reply by saying "Great!".

5. Be determined.

Do not let anything take you off track. Do not let anyone, including you, talk you into allowing old habits to creep back in. It's easy to go back to what is familiar to us, but what is familiar may have comforting factors it is not ultimately fulfilling. Remember, it takes a little time for your new year's resolutions to become what is familiar to you AND what is satisfying as well. Also, if you get off track, simply admit to it and get back on track. It really is that simple.

6. Take bite-sized action.

Commit yourself to one month, if you feel overwhelmed with the commitment you’ve made. After one month, access whether you’d like to take on another month. Repeat this action. It’s a little trick we can play on ourselves because it takes approximately 21 days for change to occur and for something to become more habitual and second nature. By the time a month is over chances are we’ve acclimated it into our life-style and by then slipping back into our old ways may prove to be harder than you think! Also, remember: Consistency is the key. If we can be consistent for a period of time the rest is easy. Plus the headway we make and the results we experience is enough to strengthen our commitment – for good.

7. Use the buddy system

Having a friend fulfilling on the same resolutions as yours is another way to stay on the path! There are lots of resolutions that could involve a buddy such as: exercising, meet ups, eating healthy, quitting bad habits, hobbies, just to name a few. When we have someone else sharing the same goals it can keep us in check by having someone else depending on us to fulfill. We don’t want to let our friend down or set a bad example, right? Our friends rely on us to reach our goals and fulfilling on our goal is twice as sweet with someone else celebrating the same results. Even if are New Year’s resolutions don’t involve others, we can still share our goals to have that added support.

8. Visual reminders.

Put images of what you desire everywhere. On the frig, in the bathroom, on your desk, on your screensaver, in your wallet, in your car. Where ever you spend time, put a visual reminder of what you want to come to fruition.

9. Reward yourself.

At least once a week, do something extra special for yourself as a reward for keeping to your goals. Maybe it's an inexpensive massage, having a sweet treat, buying yourself a piece of clothing, or something adventurous like horse-back riding, or maybe simply taking a scenic drive all on your own!

10. Acknowledge yourself.

Give yourself credit for taking on new habits and choosing to make lifestyle changes. That alone is the first step towards success.( Remind yourself you are worth it) Keep moving in the right direction and you will find yourself fulfilling on those "hard to keep" New Year's Resolutions in no time!


New Year's resolutions don't have to be a daunting experience it simply takes some practice and a little effort.(Applying these tips can make the difference between making your New Year’s resolutions stick or breaking them) Before your new year is up, these resolutions will seem like second nature and you will not only be reaping the benefits of your New Year's resolutions but you will be saying "hello" to a new you and a new way of life! (Even the simplest things can seem hard to change because we are creatures of habit but that doesn’t mean we can’t change and the good news about being creatures of habit is once these new changes take, it is a lot harder to change back to our old ways and old self.)

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