Creating A New You and a New Life - Like Never Before!

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! 2014!

It's that time when a New Year is heralding a re-birth and calls for us to follow suit. 

Time to say good-bye to certain things and hello to others. It's more than New Year's resolutions that eventually fall away or even making plans and having a "hook or by crook" attitude in acheiving them. The Art of Manifestation is wholly different, unique and unlike anything you've ever experienced. It's more about creating from a place of empowerment, not fear or the past. A limitless place where we create without boundaries and actually reach the sky! Since there really isn't any thing out there to compare The Art of Manifestation to, I will say it's unlike the life you've always known. More like speaking your dreams into existence just by your word. Effortlessly, easily and with speed and velocity. Gracefully dancing through life as it magically and miraculously unfolds. 

To get a closer glimpse into The Art Of Manifestation:

The Art of Manifestation Overview

The Art of Manifestation © is a singular and powerful program that enables Intuitive Life By Sterling clients to clear their past, define their truest dreams and create the life that they have always intended. Sterling offers The Art of Manifestation as a complete one-on-one 2-hour session at her ILBS spiritual life coaching practice in West Hollywood, California.

People have an uncanny way of putting past experiences into their future. This is the reason why we often get more of what we don't want instead of what we want. How do we change this? We don't. And here’s why. Change is simply re-arranging the same things in another order. At first glance, these things look different, but they really are not. Transformation, on the other hand, is the creation of something from nothing – a sort of genesis. When we transform, we can create a new idea without interference from the past. Think about when you were a child. How easy was it to invent new things and experiences in life? Pretty easy, right? We were free to live and create in a world of possibility, which is in sharp contrast to the restrictions that we develop and collect as adults. We also seemed to have endless amounts of energy, enthusiasm, conviction, belief, hope, faith and determination to go forth and make our dreams come true. So, what went wrong? Life happened.

Through The Art of Manifestation, Sterling takes you back to the beginning, enabling you to powerfully complete the past and be free to create the life you've always wanted. Then, she provides a unique and empowering template for success that allows you to powerfully stay you on course in all areas of your life every day. With this, you will experience The Art of Manifestation NOW, as the big picture begins to blossom with speed and velocity!

By simply following Sterling’s Art of Manifestation program, clients rapidly achieve their goals and attain the life that they have always desired effortlessly.

Isn't your life worth it?

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