Finding Purpose in Our Lives

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Written by Sterling Mire


Everything happens for a reason in our lives. There is always a purpose.

The road we are on to fulfill our goals and dreams can occur as challenging, confusing and complicated although it need not be. We derail ourselves when we lose faith and lose sight of the bigger picture. Distractions and details obscure our ability to see if we are on the right track or not. Often times we question our abilities to fulfill on something we desire. We wonder what is the purpose of our existence. Why am I here and what is this thing called life?  Where do I fit in? We should move forward trusting that we are exactly where we are suppose to be and find the value with where we currently are. Paying attention to where we are now, instead of worrying about some future event, is where we should be focusing our thoughts. 

 The universe is helping us towards our deepest desires. It listens to our inner commitments, whether they are what we intend or not. In other words, if we want to change jobs but deep down we doubt we are ready for such a change, the universe will honor the doubt we have. It will keep us where we are, where we are really committed to being, which is stuck in the familiar versus change. 

 The first place to start is to examine how ready we are for the changes we so wish to experience. Are we saying to ourselves, “No matter what lies ahead, I am ready to take the plunge and move forward into the world of possibility!”  If we feel that what we desire resonates with us on every level, then we are ready to embrace those thoughts, those dreams and experience them in the physical realm. We must then trust the universe knows and honors our authentic wishes and will help us to bring it into fruition.  The assistance and opportunities will show up when it is time, not when we think it’s time.  The universe knows best when something is to be. In hindsight, when our vision materializes, we will then understand the perfection of timing orchestrated by the universe and not what our logical mind tries contrive.  Usually, we will look back and say to ourselves, “Wow! It makes sense as to why this is the best time for this to happen. I never would’ve figured that out beforehand. The universe really does know better how to fill in the details of, when, what, how it would unfold. I don’t need to worry about figuring all of that out. All I need to do is clarify my wishes and move forward with unwavering faith!” You also discover how simple and easy life is to live and the journey becomes joyous, freeing and fulfilling as things germinate and come into existence.

 Nothing happens without reason. If you are wondering about your purpose in life, simply clarify and embrace the things that resonate with you. Start with anything that is in alignment with what speaks to your heart and soul. If you like being with children, maybe a place to start is to donate your time to a Children’s Hospital or babysit on off nights. Or maybe you are interested in living a more soulfully satisfying life a good place to start may be to read The DailyOm for daily inspirational articles that propel you into the right direction. Taking action to move the energy forward is far more effective than waiting for the “perfect thing” to fall into your lap. The universe helps those who help themselves and generating movements forward will bring new ideas or ideal opportunities to you. The universe wants to assist you and will if you connect with its energy to help guide you by trusting, knowing it is there to guide you. Life’s journey can be a rich and satisfying one with the destination simply a part of the ride and not the most important aspect of living a fulfilling life.


When we summon up the courage that lives within us and confront the things we want to avoid we then have access to breakthroughs and growth that otherwise would have been impossible.

We’ve all had the experience of taking on something we dread only to discover a sense of accomplishment and empowerment on the other side of completion. We uncover the confidence and strength that was lying dormant within us. We awaken our true spirit and part of the reason we are here. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn that what we fear is actually nothing to fear at all. Instead we feel free, enlivened and renewed.

If we chose to put something off or avoid it because it scares us or causes us to feel stopped inside it may be because we think that it will cause something to change that we are not ready to experience. This is a false illusion and the way we know this is by the obstacles in life that show up when we choose avoidance. We are off-track but unclear as to why. The fear that stops us is why. The acronym for fear is False Experience Appearing Real. We actually feel lighter and relieved when we complete something we didn’t want to. Alternatively, if we choose to remain in our comfort zone we will take ourselves off our synchronistic path connected to the source of all creation and our lives won’t work as we intend or desire.

In this moment, there is at least one thing we have in our lives that is currently left undone. Making that task top priority and completing before all else (or as soon as possible) will liberate us, invigorate us, and re-create who we identify ourselves to be. We will unleash incredible energy within our lives that will fuel us for our future with confidence!

Author: Sterling Mire