Embracing Differences Makes a Difference

Written by: Sterling Mire

Accepting how people are different from ourselves can benefit us and heal the world as a whole more than we realize.

We are all unique. We’ve been raised by different people, with different siblings and friends, sometimes even in different countries with different cultures and within different generations. Yet, we all have the same basic wants and needs. These differences don’t have to result in disconnect or friction in our experiences of one another.

Each of us is the result of a completely individual miraculous design. We all have different talents, skills, points of view, ideas, perceptions and experiences to share with the world creating a contribution unique unto us and providing something different from others contributions. Human beings want the same things in life yet may go about it differently. We all want love, security, acceptance, and to make a difference in the world we live in. We are all moving in the same direction yet coming from and going about it in different ways.

We are here to learn from our choices and the consequences of making those choices unconsciously or consciously. Granting each other grace, forgiveness, love and support along our journeys in life help us to grow for the betterment of the world. Having a level of compassion when interacting with others helps others to grow in a way that serves the planet in a constructive versus destructive way.

No one likes to be criticized or ostracized by others. When we give up judging or criticizing others taking into account that we don’t know what it is to live their lives or what they may be challenged with at that moment not only helps others but helps ourselves too by creating space for positive growth. Accepting differences allows us to unite with one another, forge a bond and gives access to cooperation towards the fulfillment of peace, love and happiness.

Sometimes people can frustrate us especially when it is someone we are close to and care about. Maybe we see them being self-sabotaging or being destructive and suffering needlessly. If we can accept that what is happening is part of their learning process, their journey, individual to their independent life path we actually create room for transforming the situation for the better versus resisting and fighting the situation by making it wrong. What also helps is stepping outside of our own world and moving into others lives bringing with us the intention to understand and accept “what is” so we create a space for transformation.

Ultimately, we are all experiencing the result of the choices we’ve made in life. In other words, the consequences of what we consciously or unconsciously choose give way to the experiences we have. All human beings truly want is to feel good, even if they are not sure how to do that. Choices and consequences are great guides to helping us learn our way. Everyone learns differently and in different time frames. Respecting those differences help move the human race as a whole to a place of peace, love, fulfillment, and unity.



Contributing to the Bigger Picture - Breakdown to Breakthrough

Written by: Sterling Mire

Being of service to others allows us to step outside of our own struggles which can bring answers and pathways to overcome challenges in our own life.

When things aren’t going the way we’d like them to our first instinct is to run and hide, preferably to the nearest dark hole we can find and escape. Sometimes we choose to obsessively think about the problems that face us until we can’t see straight. Yes, there are times when we need to get off the merry-go-round of life and just stop to catch our breath, clear the air, and deal with issues at hand. Other times our best course of action is to be of service to others. Giving ourselves to others not only helps us to gain distance from our own problems but allows us to transform others lives for the better. This creates empowerment and confidence within our world which contributes to finding solutions to our own conflicts. There are two basic human needs being fulfilled: making a difference in the world and being accepted. As a bonus, we also create a connection and bond with others that allows us to feel stronger and more powerful in life.

Helping others creates evidence that we are one and not alone in our quest for support and enlightenment. Even in our darkest hours we can still
contribute to someone else’s struggles and not only make the difference for others but for ourselves as well. It’s a win-win situation and we get to transform who we know ourselves to be.

Make an effort next time you find yourself in a breakdown and fully give of yourself to someone else in need. Notice what happens, what opens up. Notice how your view and perception of life is altered and how you begin to move in a much better direction in your own life.

“We rise by lifting others.”



When we summon up the courage that lives within us and confront the things we want to avoid we then have access to breakthroughs and growth that otherwise would have been impossible.

We’ve all had the experience of taking on something we dread only to discover a sense of accomplishment and empowerment on the other side of completion. We uncover the confidence and strength that was lying dormant within us. We awaken our true spirit and part of the reason we are here. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn that what we fear is actually nothing to fear at all. Instead we feel free, enlivened and renewed.

If we chose to put something off or avoid it because it scares us or causes us to feel stopped inside it may be because we think that it will cause something to change that we are not ready to experience. This is a false illusion and the way we know this is by the obstacles in life that show up when we choose avoidance. We are off-track but unclear as to why. The fear that stops us is why. The acronym for fear is False Experience Appearing Real. We actually feel lighter and relieved when we complete something we didn’t want to. Alternatively, if we choose to remain in our comfort zone we will take ourselves off our synchronistic path connected to the source of all creation and our lives won’t work as we intend or desire.

In this moment, there is at least one thing we have in our lives that is currently left undone. Making that task top priority and completing before all else (or as soon as possible) will liberate us, invigorate us, and re-create who we identify ourselves to be. We will unleash incredible energy within our lives that will fuel us for our future with confidence!

Author: Sterling Mire

Welcome to Your Life in the Year 2017!

A Year of New Beginnings....

The Numerology of 2017 shows that the year 2017 will bring new beginnings and much activity. The pioneering spirit makes way for new inventions, new discoveries, or new creations. Its energy will bring originality and new ideas. New leaders (committees, chairpersons, etc.), new ideas, or new additions to things done for the surrounding area. Its wide implications could include cities, towns, counties, etc.

Events and opportunities emphasise BEGINNINGS, CHANGE AND PROGRESS, such as:

  • Development of new ideas.
  • Expanding existing interests.
  • Increasing status and/or recognition.
  • Meeting new friends or business associates.
  • Turning avocation into vocation.

Sometimes, one strong change triggers a sequence of events which forces substantial alterations in almost every facet of the life. In brief, individuality, ambition, initiative, new directions, or adding something new to established enterprises.

Ways to Work It:

  • Leadership – that means you and me. People are going to feel embolden to blaze new trails, take the bull by the horns, pioneer in some highly unique and individualized fashion. Don’t be afraid to follow your nose when an idea or ideas “pop” into your head: -)
  • Individulization – yep, we’re all going to start honoring who and what we are as individuals and most likely, acting upon those facets of ourselves. We will learn this year to enjoy our uniqueness instead of being with the “herd” mentality. 2017 it is a year of moving off into your own direction, never mind what others are doing: -)
  • Self-starter – a lot of things from the left-over 9 year (2016) may not have gotten attended to like you might have wanted. Maybe your dreams, your move, your change of job had to wait and your particular needs were put on the back burner. No more. Not in this year. This is the year to self start, to do things you’ve been wanting to do, but just haven’t gotten out of the gate to do ’em. Now, you will have that opportunity.
  • Letting your own star shine – In 2017 is time to quit hiding your light under a bushel basket, as the saying goes. It’s time to embrace who and what you are, your skills, your talents, or your developing skills and talents. This is the year to go learn, get educated, refine your skills and talents. The important thing is to begin the process.
  • Confidence in yourself – is going to start welling up from the deepest parts of all of us. The confidence to believe in ourselves, to move on that knowledge and begin to spread our wings so that we can fly where we want to go.
  • Ideas – thousands of ’em! – 2017 is a year of ideas, new thought, new perspective or perhaps looking at the same old thing in a new and provocative or fascinating way. Everything is up for change in a 1 year! You thought you had chaos in your life last year? Huh. Wait. This is the year of getting off the starting blocks and beginning to run toward your dream, your vision or goal. Now, the shackles, the delays, are behind us. You have nothing but room to run now–so start planning how you are going to get there. Be prudent, be organized and realistic about this. But, as the ad quotes,: “Just do it!”

Numerology and astrology can be used to study, weigh and reflect upon the past yet it is the now that is ever our concern as the key point between the past and the future and so we return to 2017 as the number on our calendars and hopefully make wise and practical use of the guidance it can offer to us on both individual and collective levels.

For more information about how the energies of 2017 are going to affect you and your life personally, book a session today for a play-by-play of each month in the year of 2017.